Our Tea Gardens & Factories


The story of Browns Tea unfolds amidst the icy-wet slopes of Maturata, carpeted with neatly pruned tea bushes. Maturata Plantations, a subsidiary of the Browns Group, managed 19 tea estates spread across a sprawling land area of 9,665 acres, producing 3.7 million kilograms of tea annually, and employing a workforce of over 21,000 individuals that include executives, staff and workers. The land area is distributed in two geographical regions, with eleven estates situated in Nuwara Eliya-Ragala area and eight estates situated in the Deniyaya-Akuressa region. Of the eight estates in Deniyaya-Akuressa region, the five estates bordering the Sinharaja Forest Reserve act as a buffer zone to the Sinharaja Forest. This once inaccessible terrain gradually became renowned globally as the best plantations which produce Single-origin, Single-estate Tea. With an illustrious history tracing its roots back to the colonial era, the country’s first bowling alley is also believed to have been set up at the Maturata Planters’ Club.

Every morning, diligent tea pluckers dressed in vibrant hues, deftly fill their sacks standing amidst deep green tea bushes that shine with droplets of morning dew. Their nimble fingers pick the traditional two-leaves-and-a-bud from the tops of the tea bushes, so that we can produce the best tea in the world for tea lovers across the world. 


Owning a thriving 11 estates and founded in 1992, Udupussellawa Plantations focuses on producing some of the finest Ceylon Tea in Alnwick, Blairlomond, Delmar, Gordon, Waldemar, Concordia, Court Lodge, Park, Duckwarim Madulkelle and Yatawatte in the districts of Nuwara Eliya and Matale. Its portfolio additionally includes Rubber, Coconut, Coffee, Cocoa, Pepper and Cardamom. Both Udupussellawa and Hapugastenne comprise of approximately 30 tea farms and 20 processing centres which sit within six of the seven agro-climactic regions of Sri Lanka.


Hapugastenne Plantations estates comprise of Tea, Rubber, Timber and other commercial crops. The company encompasses 19 reputed estates; Alupola, Galabode, Hapugastenne Tea, Hapugastenne Rubber, Depedene, Hatherliegh, Madampe, Springwood, Adawatte, Dammeria A, Dammeria B, Hopton, Shawlands, Bibile, Demodera, Nahaville, Oodoowerre, Rookatenne, and Newburgh.

Featured here are some of our tea gardens, which bring you the best single-origin Ceylon tea in the world.

High Grown
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