Our Story

From its inception in 1875 by the pioneering James Brown, who like many of his peers arrived in Sri Lanka with an eye for enterprise and a visionary mind, that  vision today has transformed Browns into a leading blue-chip conglomerate in Sri Lanka.

Browns Tea carries with it a legacy that goes back to the very early days of the Browns Company, which had operations providing transportation in the hill country. Browns Tea today is a proud producer of Single Estate Ceylon tea with over 19 factories and estates and is one of the largest exporters of tea in Sri Lanka.

Tea and plantations account for a majority of the Browns Group’s main operations and are treasured as more than just another sector. We provide employment to over 5000 workers in our estates and this is an industry that we are deeply passionate about.

Our commitment to producing Single Estate Ceylon tea, with a distinct flavour is unmatched in Ceylon. Only the purest of tea leaves is chosen and carefully processed under the watchful eye of our tea crafters to bring out the flavour we are proud to call Ceylon Tea.

The Browns promise is that every cup is steeped in our legacy of excellence and filled with the flavours of our beautiful island nation.